Escape from Ubilion

Be the fastest runner as you escape from Ubilion.

Be the fastest runner as you escape from Ubilion, a hostile planet hundred light years away from Earth.

Escape the wrath of the King and his creatures. and make it through rocky and icy worlds Palatea and Ubilion.

However, you have to face and defeat many obstacles so expect a fantastic and intense jump and run experience as you overcome them along the way. With easy to use controls for jumping by simply tapping the screen, it is a game for all ages.

The game also has a “kids” mode feature that allows younger gamers to play with its added invincibility.

Now Escape from Ubilion and rule the leader board!

– Simple effective controls. Tap screen to jump over obstacles.
– Kids Mode gives players Invincibility
– Multiple Worlds to explore


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